I have a dream

Jupiter and Neptune conjoin in the zodiac sign of Pisces on 12th April 2022, for the first time since 1856.

As the traditional and modern rulers of Pisces Jupiter and Neptune, they both function well in this placement.

Pisces is associated with traits such as compassion, spirituality, sacrifice, and martyrdom and, as the final sign of the zodiac, represents an assimilation of all that came before it.

Jupiter is linked with growth, abundance, benevolence, and often excess, while Neptune is related to the imagination, dreams, creative expression, dissolution, confusion and escapism.

There will be many suggestions around what this conjunction might foretell, from a boom in creative arts, growth of charitable organisations, increased wealth of big pharma, development of use of hallucinogenics for psychological health, and perhaps further amplification of deception, disinformation and confusion.

However, simple keywords for the planets can also generate the phrase ‘big hopes and dreams’ and so this is where I’m keen to focus my perspective.

The conjunction of the planets occurs at 23 degrees of Pisces meaning the Sabian symbol is 24 degrees – translated as ‘an inhabited island’. The narrative that accompanies this symbol suggests ‘using conflict as a means to learn compassionate acceptance’.

Given the conflicts taking place around the world currently, both human and environmental, it appears we have the right conditions for this to be possible. However the key will be whether we seize this opportunity, rather than allow it to pass.

We have already seen significant suffering, sorrow and turmoil that this pairing can denote, but this has been matched with an outpouring of charity, compassion, and good will on a global scale. It seems the majority are now no longer prepared to tolerate cruelty and injustice to fellow humans and Mother Nature herself.

The recent Aquarian energy of the Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn precipitated a period of technological advancement as everyone suddenly moved to working and communicating online and forming small groups while in isolation from COVid. However, major disinformation has been perpetrated across social media and division has grown among groups with differing views, along with tyrannical capitalist behaviour, sometimes disguised as humanitarianism.

If we are to move past the experience of recent years and current unrest, and achieve resolution and a just society, we will need to adopt a new tolerance and acceptance of difference and establish a collective understanding regarding truth and values.

If we can achieve new ideals and a shared vision for future life on Earth, for all living things, then we stand a chance of harnessing the spiritual possibilities of this conjunction to reorient ourselves to a more promising evolution.

An inhabited island, where the environment supports life but is respected, people are more self-sufficient, and the community is kind seems like a daydream but could be what we aim for to transition from dystopia to utopia.

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