Happy Ostara & Astrological New Year

Today is Spring Equinox and marks the first day of the astrological new year as the Sun moves into the sign of Aries.

Today will see equal day and night and seasons across the world, bringing us into balance for a short moment.

We should feel a shift of energy and pace, which might inspire us to take action to heal ourselves and start afresh in some area of our life. Nature will also respond to this shift so expect to see new buds, flowers and greenery.

The waxing moon in Gemini trines Jupiter so we may have some grand ideas, but the Moon Neptune square might confuse these or make thoughts scattered or difficult to form.

Mars trines Saturn which can make it more difficult to get things done at pace, but the Aries energy is a headstrong one making this a great time to focus on individual goals or put yourself forward for something new. Anything begun now should have lasting impact.

The Sun is in a strong conjunction with Venus, bringing vitality to areas such as love, money and harmony. This is an ideal weekend to enjoy ourselves and indulge in favourite pleasures.

The Venus Pluto sextile can help to transform relationships, our home environment or our leisure activities.

The world is starting to feel more like a beautiful place again and peace is within reach. What do you need to change to bring your life back into balance?

If you would like an insight into the astrological aspects affecting you this year, or would like to work with me to identify and make progress on life goals, contact me now to discuss further.