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Hi, I’m Jennie,

My practice is centred around harnessing personal and universal energies, using a variety of techniques, tools and rituals, to improve self-awareness, establish life purpose and meaning, and enable successful achievement of life goals.

As a perpetual student, I have undertaken a number of qualifications in the last decade to provide the required knowledge to practice as a life coach & NLP practitioner, yoga teacher, gong therapist, astrologer and tarot reader, which I now use to support the wellbeing of both myself and my clients. After completing the diploma course at the London School of Astrology, I wanted to continue exploring this ancient subject and am now undertaking the MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology at the University of Wales Trinity St David.

With a lifelong interest in esoteric practice and thought, I began reading tarot and drafting hand-drawn birth charts in the 1990’s, before the advent of astrology software. It wasn’t until I made sense of my own birth chart that I started to understand what was unique and special about me. I finally had some explanation for the personality quirks and conflicting behaviours that had previously confused me. This new understanding of myself helped me to better navigate life and appreciate the energies I could draw upon to support my circumstances.

Through study of yoga, psychotherapy and life coaching, I saw the inherent connection between the characteristics of astrology, movement of the planets and the individual and collective psyche and behaviours and now use all these skills to help people explore their own life experience and take appropriate action to move in their desired direction. This blend of knowledge gives me the ability to consciously work with these energies on a mind, body and soul level for powerful therapeutic outcomes.

My own practice is eclectic, I am hugely influenced by Platonism and the practice of Theurgy, as well as aligning with the seasons of the year. I like to incorporate my passion for art, design, writing, and craft in production of magical items that imbue the energies that i’m working with at the time.

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