Celestial Wisdom & Crafted Magic

Navigate your fate and shape your destiny

Discover what is written in your Stars and use this understanding to successfully navigate your life.

Using an effective blend of Astrology, Tarot and Coaching techniques, I help clients interpret their astrological blueprint and explore how they can use this information to understand themselves more deeply and meaningfully to manifest their true potential.

Harnessing significant celestial events, I also craft magical items to assist in this journey of life, to give support, confidence and empower action.

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My services can be booked as standalone sessions or a bespoke blend of services.


Discover your astrological DNA

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Client Feedback

Fantastic experience! It was my first ever reading so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Jennie was brilliant. She explained every card and I feel like I’ve come away with a deeper understanding of the practice. My reading was amazingly accurate and really uplifted me emotionally – I’ll definitely be back in my next phase of life!

Louise K.

I really enjoyed my reading with Jennie! it was really apt for what is going on around me right now. Loved the cards and Jennie explained everything really well – would definitely recommend anyone thinking of having a session to give it a go.

Thank you Jennie very much!

Suzy C.

Jennie makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I had my reading over zoom, and I still felt that it was very personalised. The cards I picked all had meaning to me and I gained some helpful insights from the reading. I would recommend Jennie’s tarot readings to anyone feeling open minded and I would go to Jennie for another reading in future.

Elaine S.

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