Mercury Retrograde: 30th Jan – 21st Feb

The first Mercury Retrograde of 2021 begins today and will last for three weeks.

Mercury can be known as the trickster, particularly during retrograde periods, which means it’s even more important to be sure you have your facts straight in these coming weeks.Mercury retrogrades are traditionally periods to avoid when signing contracts or making deals.

It is common for frequent miscommunication to take place under a retrograde, you may see news coverage about big deals or negotiations collapsing or grinding to a halt at this time.Mercury rules short-range transport and railways and, in the current sign of Aquarius, will have a rebellious energy, so it was of interest to note the BBC covering HS2 protestors that have dug a tunnel and look likely to delay progress on this scheme for many weeks.

Rather than allow a Mercury retrograde to cause anxiety or restrict our interactions, we can benefit from using this period as a way of being more mindful of the things we say, checking the facts, being clear about our intentions and fully considering all the implications of any arrangements or contracts we may be pursuing.

This way, we can use this time positively to learn and self-reflect.‘Reflecting’ joins many other ‘re’s’ that we should focus on at this time, particularly in relation to our friends and collective groups – reconnect, regroup, reiterate, represent, reciprocate, reassure, reunite, although clearly as the COVID pandemic continues, this will need to be done in a remote and restricted way.