Friday the 13th – unlucky for some?

It’s Friday the 13th – unlucky for some?

There is even a name – friggatriskaidekaphobia – for those having a fear of Friday 13th.

In Christianity, 13 is considered unlucky as it was the number that sat down to the Last Supper before Jesus was crucified, and therefore is thought to be a harbinger for death.

On Friday, October 13, 1307, King Philip IV of France had hundreds of the Knights Templar arrested. The Knights Templar were a powerful religious and military order formed in the 12th century to defend the Holy Land.

Imprisoned on charges of various illegal activities (but really because the king wanted to seize their financial resources), many Templars were later executed.

However for most Pagans and witches, 13 is actually a very powerful number and has a lot to do with fertility, the Goddess and the number of witches in a coven.

In fact, most pagans and witches consider it to be a lucky day and a good day to do spells for luck.

Others believe Friday 13th to be auspicious, with some places even holding a special lottery to benefit from a lucky energy.

What do you think? Do you fear Friday 13th, or do you look forward to the mysterious energy it brings?