Final Full Moon in 2020 to hit home

The Full Moon in Cancer in the 8th house (30 Dec) continues to place the attention of the people on current COVID sickness and death rates, as well as on the new financial arrangements the UK has made with the EU in it’s long awaited Brexit deal.

Outside of these national issues, focus is still very much on family and the home – a primary Cancerian preoccupation – making sure everyone is well cared for while we remain restricted in activity.

The Moon’s opposition with Mercury could cause unnecessary anxiety around what we continue to hear in the news or on social media. Try to keep your thinking positive and bright to ensure this doesn’t negatively affect your daily thinking.

The Venus Neptune square could bring some confusion to relationships – understandable when we’ve all been cooped up for such a long time. There may be some current disillusionment or desire of escapism. Make sure you seek to address any issues in an open and honest way as everyone is currently feeling vulnerable, so we need to take a nurturing and caring approach to our dealings with others.

The Saturn Jupiter conjunction is giving us an opportunity before the new year starts to reassess our life goals. This year has forced us to reflect in so many ways and it may be that some or many of our goals need to be revised in some way to be more practical or realistic in light of this experience. It may be a new perspective after this year means you are nearer to identifying your life’s purpose?

Even though achieving this may still feel some way off, possibly with many obstacles still to overcome, the time to work out how you will move forward is now.Use the last few days of 2020 to recommit to the things and people you hold dear and begin to prepare yourself for a positive future.