New Moon in Scorpio – 15 November

The New Moon in Scorpio is a perfect time to start thinking about new ideas for transforming yourself at the deepest level.

This might be thinking about new experiences you might want that will add depth to your life or your knowledge. It could be planning to take a new relationship to a more intense level, or even spicing up your sex life with some new techniques.

Or it may even be about contemplating a new spiritual practice, or planning to reveal things about yourself that you may have been keeping a secret?

Whatever the subject, Scorpio will bring an energy of depth, mystery and intensity, encouraging you to go deep into your psyche. This is not yet a time for action, but of planning your next move.

Get your ideas or plans clear in your mind, or even on a list ready for the first quarter moon next Sunday, when it will then be time to start putting these plans into action.