Magic Ephemera

Magic ephemera typically refers to a collection of magical or mystical items, objects, or materials that hold significance in various occult or esoteric practices. These items are often associated with rituals, spells, or supernatural beliefs. Magic ephemera can include items like herbs, crystals, candles, amulets, talismans, written spells, Sigils, or any other physical elements used in magic or spiritual practices. They are considered to have symbolic or mystical properties and are used to influence or enhance spiritual and supernatural experiences.

In my practice, I create various items to support a particular need or harness a celestial energy. These are very often made during ‘elected’ times, where I work with specific planetary alignments to capture the blend of these energies within the item I am creating. As an example, this could include creating a love talisman, necklace or ring at a time when Venus and the Moon are in strong positions and benefiting from suitable alignment. At other times, I may not have the time to wait for an often rare cosmic alignment and may instead choose to work with the lunar cycle when creating Sigils or candle spells.

In coming weeks, I will begin some of the items that I have available or will be working on soon. In the meantime, if you have a particular need for a bespoke talisman, Sigil or object to support a desired outcome or intention then please contact me to discuss this further.